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"I joined the Village to help seniors. I was totally unprepared for the genuine connections I would make in the process." 

Beth Richardson, volunteer 

Studies show that being of service to others provides a host of benefits. Volunteering keeps you connected, combats depression, keeps your mind and body active and contributes to overall well-being.  

Our volunteers commit to no set schedule. Volunteers receive an email each morning. If you can help with a request, you simply hit the red button that says, "I can do it.  I can help". If you can't, it's ok! Maybe you'll be able to help with the next one.  Requests are often for:

  • rides to appointments, to our events or to see family and friends
  • grocery pick up
  • small home projects - hanging a shelf, organizing a closet, taking donations to thrift
  • dog walking 
  • tech support/help with smart phones or tablets
  • walking buddies

Built for seniors, BY seniors, we rely on members to: 

  • help with events and activities
  • make phone calls
  • assist with light office duties 
  • welcome new members and volunteers
  • help us spread awareness  
  • share what they know and teach us new things through our Senior Speaker Series
  • coordinate a walking group or other activities
  • and so much more!